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We were sick of Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman the from the moment we first heard of their illicit yoga love story in New York Magazine — (remember? "'[New agey blah blah],' Saidman says, sitting entwined with Yee on the floor of the shingled house they now share," etc, etc.) But we all must have done something really bad in a past life to deserve their Vows column this weekend. We mean, seriously:

She became a devoted student of his and formed a close student-teacher relationship, which remained platonic for years. Then, in 2002 at a yoga conference in Nashville, Ms. Saidman and Mr. Yee found themselves sitting next to each other in a crowded hot tub after a day of twisting poses.

"She put her thumb on my forehead, right on the third eye, and literally I felt something I'd never felt before," Mr. Yee remembered. "It was almost like: 'Who are you? What just happened?' That was the turning point. There was something between us that was unavoidable."

Okay, okay, we get it: Rodney just couldn't keep his lingam away from Colleen's yoni. But wait! There's more.

During the reception next door at the Ritz-Carlton the bride and bridegroom kissed and held onto each other. "Rod and I wake up every morning like, 'I can't believe we get to be together,' " she said. "We are touching 24 hours a day."

Mr. Yee added: "It makes people sick. People are like, 'Can you please not be so in love? Can you hide it?' No, we can't hide it."

Yup, thanks, Rod and Colleen. Now the image of you two doing it downward facing doggystyle will be with us all day. In fact, we think it just made our third eye start to bleed a little.


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