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Ever dreamed of picking up Jessica Coen's dry cleaning or turning the many public humiliations Vogue editor Anna Wintour dishes out into the next optionable roman clef? Well, if you're coming into the home stretch of college, this might be your big break:

We target talented students to work alongside professionals in our Editorial, Advertising, Online or Corporate departments. Those selected will contribute to our success as a leading, multi-platform media company. If you are a rising college junior or senior, with a demonstrated interest in media/publishing, and are available to work a full-time schedule for the entirety of the program, June 4 through July 27, you are eligible to apply.

Be warned, though: The competition is fierce. Which means that if you're not related to a current or former Conde employee, it might be best to just wait around for the inevitable reality show based around twelve telegenic interns who dream of nothing more than writing captions for Lucky.

Summer Intern Program [Conde Nast]