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Well, besides us and everyone else who matters. If you'll recall, back in the day (well, back in November), we linked to the Daily Intel's story about the "stylishly kitschy" hotspot's possible looming shutdown, which featured an especially adorable denial from owner Guy Jacobson: "I have a license to sell one drug; it's the one behind the bar." Today, however, a tipster alerted us to the fact that the bar, which was featured in yesterday's Styles 'Boite' column, was closed on Friday night, and that a coke bust was the rumored cause. Could a place whose denizens say things like ""I'm an enthusiast and I express myself sensually and I can barely hold myself in . . . I can tell that there's an element of the pulse, of neurotic, erotic perfection" really be a secret purveyor of high-grade snortables? We're scratching our heads and rubbing our noses spastically in confusion.

Update: Grub Street Daily Intel has more info.

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