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So we were all scarred forever over the weekend by images of too-happy Vows featured couple Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman's yogic lovemaking (yes, we said it: lovemaking), but we apparently missed the real story. Colleen, it turns out, isn't the first student who Rodney has chaturanga'd atop. Far from it, it fact: a 2002 lawsuit was brought against Yee by a fellow teacher at his California yoga studio, accusing him of "inappropriate behavior" with his students. A tipster points us to this 2004 Self article about Yee and the suit, in which that teacher, Susanne Bruder, maintained that Yee's student-fucking "represents an abuse of power and is unbecoming of a healer or a teacher....His refusal to accept that he needs help in this area and his attempts to blame the women involved puts more students at risk." Yee's response was classic:

The reality is that most teachers fall in love with their students, but sex is such a small part of it . . . every relationship is unique and can't be judged . . . every once in a while, just like in therapy, there might be real chemistry between two people. It's a decent guideline, but you shouldn't be crucified for not following it.

Yup, just like in therapy! (Shudder).

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