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Given all the accolades You have won over the past year, isn't it time we started harnessing Your enormous potential? What better use of Your talents could there be, other than designing the next Gawker t-shirt? We're not talking some namby-pamby email slogan submission this time, neither. We're getting all up in Your social media. Slogans can be entered and voted on LIVE, right in front of Your face, with Digg-style up-down votes on every candidate. After the jump, submit as many slogans as You want (though You're limited to one submission every 30 minutes). You'll be taken directly to the voting page after adding your slogan to the mix, or You can skip the sloganeering and go right to the voting. Thrill us with Your t-shirt designing acumen.

UPDATE: We will, of course, delete slogans that are too stupid to live. Even in this arena, there are standards. Don't make us waste our afternoon break.

Can't see the submission or voting pages? Too bad, your browser sucks or something. Don't ask us for help; it's not like we understand this stuff either.

Vote on Slogans [Gawker]

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