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Sagging man-tits? Declining interest in sex? Times when you feel "down and discouraged?" Congratulations, old dudes: you've now got your very own treatable medical condition. That's right: women don't get to have all the 'medicalization of aging' fun anymore, because the pharmaceutical industry has invented "manopause." Here's how those hilarious wits at Newsweek summed it up:

Whether you call it "male menopause" or not, some men do develop serious and bothersome symptoms from testosterone deficiency. Unfortunately, medical science knows much less about male menopause than about female menopause. With the growing interest in this problem, and the likelihood that testosterone pills will re-appear in the United States, that knowledge gap is likely to shrink. Now, if only our prostates would do the same.

Jeez, no wonder every dude in that picture looks like he has something up his butt.

Is Male Menopause Real? [Newsweek]

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