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In his highly entertaining Daily Nightly blog (from which Katie Couric could learn a thing or two about a thing or two), NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams today waxes poetic about various topics, including retiring NY Giant Tiki Barber, who has announced he wants to become a news anchor (Williams: "Later this afternoon, I will announce my intention to 'join the New York Giants backfield'"). Then there's his take on the NYT's Vows column:

In my experience, brides in the Big Box have some common traits:
They are invariably "more at home in a pair of combat boots than they are in high heels." They are ALWAYS described as "spontaneous."

The brides-to-be are a "constant blur of activity" and are apt to "kayak down the Hudson at Midnight on New Year's Eve."

Many of the men are in passionless relationships until they are hit squarely on the forehead by the club of love, in the form of the aforementioned combat-boot wearing free-spirited woman.

Weddings are always on a bluff, a dune or a "sweeping lawn," and are usually officiated either by an Enormously Powerful Federal Judge who's a friend of the family or a member of the online ministry community with names like "The New Life Church of the Free Spirit." Participants seldom wear shoes.

And we like his wife's appearance in the anecdote even more.

Full disclosure: My wife can't understand why I spend valuable time reading this stuff. I should point out in my own defense that I read Style only after the A Section, Metro, Week in Review, Business, Book Review, Magazine and Automobiles. It's dessert on paper, really.

Brian, we would never make you feel emasculated for reading the Styles section! Do get in touch if that wife of yours is getting too uppity for her own good.

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