If you happened to catch the (underperforming) premiere of Donald Trump's former pet project, The Apprentice, you know you're in store for more of the same—two teams of bickering incompetents with enviable bone structure—but this time with the added twist of some very L.A.-centric challenges. (i.e., Don't be surprised if contestants are soon asked to "think outside the Pinkberry topping case.") In this video (courtesy of Fishbowl LA) some friends don't get very far on their road trip to Ohio before stumbling onto a StarLine double decker sightseeing bus led by candidates Aaron, Stefani, and James, and featuring a brief appearance by Ivanka Trump, who gamely poses for a photograph with a fan. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the very outside-the-Hollywood -tour-box-thinking "Famous Places, Beautiful Faces," featuring James's high-pitched squeals of disbelief following each announcement of an A-list star who has no star on the Walk of Fame.