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On the pages in between the ads for $2 million studios in misshapen new downtown luxury condos in this week's New York Magazine, there are a couple of articles about how a few rich dudes in their twenties are taking drugs, sleeping in the same bed, making "art," and, you know, helping "downtown" retain its gritty cred. We're convinced! We especially liked the bit about how 25 year old art-richie scion Dash Snow (vaguely related to Uma Thurman, brother dates MK Olsen) goes about crafting his work:

[Ryan] McGinley was lying on the floor next to stacks of the New York Post and the Daily News with words and pictures cut out of them. "I've always been a big fan of the Post, and I remember in 1992, or whenever the fuck it was, Desert Storm, the Gulf War? Remember? I'd always read the Post, and there'd be really rad headlines about it," said Snow. "I was just down for it! I'm down with anyone, even if they're bad people, if they're just, like, anti-American, you know what I mean? This is a series I'm working on," he pointed at some collages on the wall with lots of pictures of Saddam Hussein, whose likeness is also tattooed on Snow's arm. "They're old headlines, and they all have come on them. Yeah, mine."

We mean, God, we can't believe he gets paid to just sit and jizz all over Post headlines all day . . . wait.

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