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The newly installed editor of Seventeen magazine, Ann Shoket, was [at Ben Widdicombe's birthday party], flanked by her publicist. "Ben is the most charming, most dashing .... "
Right, right, now what are you wearing?
"What? Oh no, I don't want to tell you that," she gasped. She wore a tube top and jeans. "Now I'm starting to get into trouble with my publicity department. They're like, 'Don't talk to anybody.'"
Her publicist, Scott Gorenstein, stepped in. "She's wearing an appropriate outfit for a humid evening in the East Village."

Luckily, Scott was off refreshing his cocktail (or perhaps helping himself to a cocktail weenie!) when we accosted Ann Shoket and asked prying questions about her wardrobe choices that evening. Were her Sigerson Morrison flats ($393, pictured) truly "appropriate" for a humid Saturday night in the East Village? Far be it from us to judge; we've owned the holey boots we were wearing at the time for so long that they're now considered "vintage." So we put it to you bitches: is wearing flats on a Saturday a faux pas? Even if so, we still all should consider ourselves lucky that the reign of plaid terror is over, we suppose.

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