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The following angry missive dropped into our inbox this morning, questioning the qualifications of HuffPo cutie (and Eat the Press curator) Rachel Sklar to engage in debate over the great issues of the day:

i mean, what the fuck? Why is she on msnbc last night battling with Pat Buchanan about troop surge? I mean Buchanan is a nut job, but he ran for president, worked in white houses etc, has some qualifications. Sklar has never worked in politics, never written about politics, so wtf? At least when the cable shows have a hot girl on she, at least, is usually a nominal political consultant. I mean she's Arianna's coatholder, Canadian and writes a media blog. And that qualifies her to argue the Democrat's position on the surge? Just because she got nice tits? What else could it be? You don't see the Observer's media critic on the tube babbling about Iraq. I have nice tits too, but I don't presume to have the expertise to babble about the most important issue of our time.

We actually know the answer to this one: Not only does Sklar have a great rack, she also rocks a B+ ass. Whereas Observer media critic Tom Scocca's manboobs are neither pert nor pleasant to look at. And there you have it.

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