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The time: 11 a.m.
The date: January 4, 2007.
The place: 237 West 42nd Street.
Sighted: "Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block fame outside of B.B. Kings House of Blues. He looked pretty decent and decidedly less Donkey Kong-like than in his youth. He was carrying a guitar and I overheard him saying to a group of girls, '...well, that was a long time ago ladies.' Indeed Sir Wood, indeed."

A long time ago, Danny? Perhaps. But a time still fresh in our minds. A time when the holidays were still fun, our parents still paid for everything, and global warming was still something we could stop. So call us sentimental, but maybe, just maybe, what this crazy world needs right now is a little more Danny Wood.

Yes, he was arguably the worst-looking member of NKOTB. But say what you will about his chimp-like features, we would still rather do him than Jonathan Knight. And besides, look what happened to the pretty one. He got all doughy and showed up on The Surreal Life making inappropriate comments about getting into a hot tub with the Olsen twins.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see Danny Wood succeed? Not like Dancing with the Stars succeed, but actually succeed. Of course, a quick listen to his music seems to indicate this is not going to be the case. But it doesn't have to be in music; Danny has also acted, playing the coveted role of "sound guy" in Thank You, Good Night. Let's give him a sitcom. He is, much like anyone, only a hot wife, blue-collar job and an annoying neighbor away from the next ABC Tuesday-night hit.

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