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The source said he'd partied in the exclusive club five or six times, and had seen a millionaire break a bottle and "throw it in a girl's face."

In other billionaire-related news, so apparently ends the story of Door, as reported in the Transom. The more exclusive than secret Chelsea club at 161 West 23rd Street had become known principally as a secure nest of the ultra-rich and their young, pliant toys. Ron Burkle and Steve Bing have been mentioned as backers, though Burkle's publicist at least denied all involvement (give Burkle time, he still hasn't admitted to investing in Radar). Bing might make more sense as the main man behind Door, even though the Transom source says, ""Every time I was there, Ron Burkle was there ... My sense was there wasn't a party unless he was in town." Of course, Bing and Burkle are both Democratic Party heavies, so they might each have a hand in. Regardless, as the joint seems to be reverting back to its previous identity as Suede, the billionaire boys' club may have to look elsewhere for super-private kicks.

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