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Well, "my 2007 is going swimmingly" era has ended, but I will bounce
back. I hope. My next Voice column (running in next week's paper
though probably online tomorrow evening) will be my last, according to
a phone call I just got from the editor in chief David Blum (they are
hiring someone else to write those weeks but I don't know who that is
though I guess we'll all find out very soon).

That's soon to be ex Lusty Lady columnist Rachel Kramer Bussel, in a mass email, on her recent unceremonious ouster from the Voice. We wish her the best in her search for a new column-writing gig, but we're mostly curious about who those meritocrats at the famously Ivy-obsessed free paper will be hiring to fill Bussel's fetishy Fleuvogs. What's Columbia Spectator sex columnist Miriam Datskovsky up to lately, anyone know?

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