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A tipster alerts us that the second season of the New York Media Bowling League is about to kick off. Sounds fun! Oh wait—not so fast. Not only are we hearing that a couple publications are making participants pay their own way (nice morale builder!), but the fees also cover a whopping one beer per person for the 12-person teams. (Also, doesn't NYAMBL sound a lot like NAMBLA?) From the email that's circulated to participants:

The New York All Media Bowling League (NYAMBL) is a short 8-week season of competitive bowling limited to members within the media industry based in New York City.

Who: 16 lucky teams within the entertainment/media industry. All teams are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Last year's participating teams will have incumbency.

When: Wednesday Nights, 8-10pm
February 21 - April 11
Each team bowls only 4 of the 8 nights

Where: Leisure Time Bowl, Port Authority
Fees: $750 per team
- up to 12 players per team, but only 4 can play per game
- Includes shoe, ball and lane fees
- Includes 1 beer tower (domestic) per night per team (12 beers)

So for $750, you get four nights of bowling for four people, and one beer.