Eco-Friendly Post-Globes Party Hoping To Recycle Red Carpet Whores From Other Bashes

As we mentioned earlier, vying for the attentions of sauced celebrities piling out of the Beverly Hilton ballroom after the Golden Globes ceremony is a new event on the block: The "Golden Green" party, in the Hilton-adjacent former Robinsons-May retail space, is being co-presented by E! Network and the Environmental Media Association, and it plans on eschewing the wasteful extravagances of your typical Hollywood awards show bash for more eco-friendly party favors:

Hollywood environmentalists are throwing the first "green" Golden Globes awards bash for celebrities next week, complete with organic food, recycled paper decorations and tables made of reclaimed wood. [...]

Actresses Maggie Gyllenhaal, Eva Longoria, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Weisz and socialite Paris Hilton are among the celebrities scheduled to attend the event in a former department store set to become an eco-friendly apartment building. [...]

The party will be set in a landscape of plants and flowers in a bid to promote awareness of green issues, and the group TreePeople will plant one tree for every attendee.

While some visitors might miss the decadent goodies to which they are accustomed—it just doesn't feel like they're trying unless there's a 1000-gallon chocolate-spewing volcano that later gets dumped into the nearest gutter once the guests have had their strawberry-dipping fill—we think the very trendy environmental theme should be enough to draw big stars to the soirée, to say nothing of the marquée names who have already RSVP'd, such as Eva Longoria (seen here looking glamorous with a freshly clubbed baby seal), and Paris Hilton, who will be sure to turn heads and set off flashes when she pulls up in her sexy Mercedes SLR McLaren (13 mpg/Green Rating: 20).