Irresponsible Rumormongering: MTV President Canned

Continuing our long tradition of posting first and then asking questions later (or, you know, in the post), we're going to put this one up there:

A reliable inside source just confirmed that [MTV President & COO] Michael Wolf was fired this morning.
Further details or angry denials go to the usual address.

Update: Here's what passes for confirmation at Gawker.

It is true that Michael Wolf was fired from MTV today. My friend works with him (but not at MTV), and wants to e-mail Gawker himself, but said he didn't want his e-mail traced, and so he told me to e-mail you guys, but said if I mentioned his company's name, he would "kick me so hard in the vagina that I wouldn't be able to have babies". Whatever. My friend did not know why Wolf had been fired, beyond his explanation that "You know, Sumner Redstone's going crazy."