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Well, it was bound to happen sometime, but frankly we're a little shocked how fast Dick Wolf is getting going on the Adrienne Shelley rip-off episode, as this casting notice currently circulating attests:

LAW & ORDER "Melting Pot" (LA release)
DRAFT: 1/8/07

Exec. Producers: Dick Wolf, Nicholas Wootton, Matthew Penn, Peter Jankowski
Director: Jean DeSegonzac
Casting Director: Suzanne Ryan
Casting Associate: Claire Traeger
Shooting dates: 1/18 - 1/29/07

[JULIO CONTRERAS] male, 19-24, Hispanic, illegal immigrant. Speaks English w/accent. He has been working as a day laborer/construction worker in this country for almost two years. He sends money back home to his family in So. America - he is the sole breadwinner for his mother and siblings. He is suspected of murdering Erin Garrett after they argued about his construction crew turning off the electricity in her building. He admits to the argument and pushing her. She fell, hit her head, and was knocked unconscious. Julio swears he did not hang her. He is brought to trial. LEAD

Hey, L&O fuckers: We told you to leave this one alone. Assholes.

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