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I am convinced there's something tragic happening in the news media. It goes beyond legitimate differences of taste and form. At an unprecedented rate, hard news, good news, and non-sexualized news are disappearing. ... If Walter Cronkite had witnessed Katie Couric's debut as anchor of the CBS evening news (maybe he did), I am confident he would have been traumatized to see precious news time wasted on "exclusive" photographs of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' newborn baby.

That's Fox News theosophist Father Jonathan Morris, bemoaning the state of today's media. Why is a Catholic priest talking about non-God stuff, you ask? Even Father Jonathan doesn't really know. He says as much to fans of his religious order, the Legion of Christ:

People have noticed that I am not doing commentary on just religious issues. I guess you could say that my job is to give special commentary on ordinary news.

Maybe Father Jonathan could explain his barely sublimated wish that Walter Cronkite was already dead, so the veteran newscaster could be rhetorically summoned without having to insert that qualifying "(maybe he did)." Or worrying about Cronkite's stated aversion to religious intrusions into public life.

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