For a long time, we've dreamt of a magazine called UnderCover, which would basically be Us Weekly but for literary "celebrities." The whole thing would be like "Jennifer Egan loses the baby weight!" and telephoto lens shots of Jonathan Franzen Safran Foer (admit it, you can't keep 'em all straight either) and Nicole Krauss's Park Slope manse. Sadly, the market could never sustain such a thing, but we figure the least we can do in order to keep the dream alive is to do a poll inspired by your response to our item about Heidi Julavitz yesterday. In it, we called Heidi and her dh, Ben Marcus, our "fourth least favorite literary power couple," and it got us to wondering: who's your fourth least favorite literary power couple? And while we're at it, who's your most least favorite l. p. c.? There is only one way to find out.

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The members of the winning couple will receive a signed copy of their significant other's latest novel and a lifetime subscription to UnderCover, and an annoying composite nickname (ex: Davendela).

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