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The Post's dog-loving grandma voices her concerns for the poor struggling book biz in her column today:

SOMETHING's happening in book pub lishing. 1) Amazon's top-authors list has unfamiliar names. 2) Evergreen, long-playing, long-selling stars - like a Stephen King, Sidney Sheldon, Tom Harris - suddenly aren't. Michael Crichton, heretofore always No. 1, isn't. 3) One house with 2 million copies out is already geared for 1 million back in remainders. When AMS, exclusive book distributor to Costco, closed its shelves recently, it owed $100 million to various companies. Look for belt-tightening and layoffs unless there's a fast turnaround that nobody expects.

Yes, keep your eyes peeled for belt-tightening, and stay on the edges of your respective seats about whether Michael Crichton will re-assume the place he's "always" occupied atop the bestseller list that only exists in our Crazy Grandma Cindy's mind. A column continuing to run long after it's lost any shred of coherence or even entertainment value? Only in New York, kids.

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