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There's an anecdote which we barely recall concerning Ed Koch's tenure as mayor. Some crank was yelling at him at a public function, and Koch sidled over to the guy and very casually whispered, "Fuck you" into his ear. The protestor, of course, went crazy, yelling, "The mayor said 'Fuck you!'" over and over until he was escorted from the premises. We were reminded of this story by an anecdote in Post gossip dowager Cindy Adams' column today: Apparently, this is how the current mayor handles hecklers:

"Yes, you may ask me anything. I work for you, a taxpayer. There's 8 million of you, and I make $1 a year. Do the math, and you can see how much of me you own."

We did the math, and apparently you (Time's Person of the Year, no less) are valued at .000000125 cents. By a guy who dresses like this. Kinda hurts, no?


[Image: AP]