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In our ongoing attempt to give you new and exciting ways to interact with this Intertubes Blogsite and fritter away even more of your employer's valuable time, we are happy to invite you, the reader who always believed that the whispers the voice inside your head distracts you with as you try to roll calls would make a catchy t-shirt slogan, to provide (and/or vote on! See? Interactive!) the idea for the next high-quality Defamer garment to be sold in the Gawker Shop. Here's how it works: The creative-minded can submit their slogans in the form found after the jump (after submitting, you'll be whisked off to the live, Digg-style voting), while the impatient and judgmental can jump directly to the voting page to celebrate the inspired or euthanize the feeble. And while we recognize that you are undoubtedly brimming with sloganeering genius, we prefer you not drain your reserves too quickly, and so limit you to a single submission every half-hour. Get to work, before the Lindsay Lohan-related idea you had is rendered obsolete by a newer and more suspicious emergency surgery.