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· DreamWorks marketing guru Terry Press is leaving longtime partner Jeffrey Katzenberg after more than a decade of service to start her own company. But don't worry, she's still handling a variety of upcoming DW projects, ensuring that their ambitious Shrek the Third campaign, in which every child buying a Shrek-promoting Happy Meal will be painted bright green at the time of purchase, doesn't have to be overseen by a lesser visionary. [Variety]
· More Viacom corporate upheaval fun! MTV Networks president/COO Michael Wolf resigns after 15 months at the company. [THR]
· Sacha Baron Cohen's recent, insufficiently snuggly, out-of-character interviews make Var chieftain Peter Bart note that while he's clearly a "gifted satirist," he's a little too uncomfortable with the media when robbed of his protective, stinky grey suit. [Variety]
· The Brits love them some monarchs and intimidatingly muscled super-spies, with The Queen landing 10 BAFTA nominations and Casino Royale nabbing nine. [THR]
· A profanity- and Bada-Bing-titty-free Sopranos bow scores A&E the highest-rated off-network premiere in the history! of! cable! Self-congratulatory, full-page ad in the trades featuring James Gandolfini chomping on a cigar while being serviced by a stripper to follow. [Variety]