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Remember our extensive 'is the ramen worth it' 'yes' coverage of East Village noodle bar Momofuku a while back? Well, today we were heartened to see more evidence of Ramen Fever: Momofuku's Asian burrito bar cousin, Momofuku Ss m, will now be open longer hours. It will also serve stews. Eater isn't afraid of being accused of overhyping these developments:

Ss m 2.0 may very well be the best dining experience in NY right now. By April, there will be a two hour wait at 8 PM. Fact.

Fact, huh? You tell us. We may have dated an Asian dude once, but that doesn't mean that we're into Asian burritos. Let us know if the fuss is merited.

Ss m 2.0: New Menu Revealed! [Eater]

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