Media Bubble: Lloyd Grove, Drinker

  • Time layoffs: Here's who's already gone. [Mediaweek]
  • David Carr has a blog. [NYT]
  • Scripps backpedals. [Romenesko]
  • Sumner Redstone's daughter makes society debut. Yay, meritocracy! [NYP]
  • If you haven't been following the whole McCaw/Santa Barbara News-Press story, this is a pretty good summary. [NYT]
  • Larry King: Nancy Grace is "harpoonish." Oddly, this is not a reference to her physical appearance. [Miami Herald]
  • The Times won't tell you exactly where to go to find Eli Lilly documents under injunction, but it will give you the exact words you need to type into a search engine that will direct you to them. [NYT]
  • Lloyd Grove: Likes "Judge Judy," gin. [WaPo]