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We're not gonna lie to you: We like to take the occasional drink. We're not particularly picky, either. If it's in the house and it has a decent alcohol content, odds are that we'll imbibe it. (In our lowest moments we have mixed an artichoke liqueur with diet soda and happily choked the thing back in order to quell the tremors. We're kind of alcohol-dependent in that way.) Oddly enough, though, we've never really developed a taste for white wine, finding it lacking in both character and proof. Sure, we'll drink it if necessary (see above), but it's not exactly the first thing we're gonna reach for if anything else (say, Bactine or Lektrik-Shave) is available. Still, we've always held out hope that one day we'd find something we could appreciate in that category.

So it was with some surprise, and a great deal of pleasure, that we recently discovered Naia Verdejo, a white wine from Rueda, Spain. It's the most enjoyable white we've come across in some time.

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Our palette isn't sophisticated enough to give you the notes that are common to vinicultural descriptions, but we will say that this is a tight, crisp quaff that carries an assload of fruit in every bottle. As the weather starts to finally come in line with the season, it's not a bad idea to have a couple of these chilling in the fridge: On a particularly gloomy day it'll be nice to come home, open up a couple dozen oysters, crack the cork on this sucker and have a deep pull of summer. You can find Naia Verdura at Union Square Wines & Spirits (13th & 4th), and probably a couple other places in town. Anyway, cheers.