Ok, so let's compare and contrast:

His ordeal will always haunt me. In my mind, he was not seeking to humiliate and subjugate a woman on that night many years ago. I believe he was a boy who endeavored for hours in the dark to express his drunken, fumbling desire in a way that, fair or not, ended up unraveling his life. I wish he had found me first.

That's how Ashley Cross put it in her Modern Love column. Here's how the Harvard Crimson put it back in 1999:

According to court documents obtained yesterday by The Crimson, there seems to be little doubt about the events of last April 4.
Statements by a Middlesex County prosecutor—to which Douglas pled guilty under oath—show Douglas forced his way into the woman's room and onto her bed before the assault.
Instead of "miscommunication," the court documents reveal a situation in which the woman continually told Douglas to leave her House, her suite and her bed. Before entering her room, Douglas "slammed her against the wall" and began kissing her, even though she "told him to leave [and] was struggling to get away from him." His advances continued even as she repeatedly told Douglas to leave and tried to push him off her bed.

Hey, Ashley: still wish he'd found you first?

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