Media Bubble: Please Sell Tribune Already, We're Getting Tired Of It

  • The Times takes a look at prospective Tribune buyers Eli Broad and Ron Burkle. The latter is "best known for his friendship with Stephen Bing, the film producer who fathered a child with both the actress Elizabeth Hurley and Kirk Kerkorian's former wife, Lisa." [NYT]
  • Doubledown Media thinks there's money to be made in magazines tailored to rich folk. [NYP]
  • It's time for TMZ TV! Insert your own Lloyd Grove joke here. Also your angry ruminations on how the world just keeps getting stupider. [AP]
  • Not willing to be left out, the WSJ is looking for a consulting team to tell it which employees to fire. [WWD]
  • Also in WWD (which is subscriber-only today), Cosmo EIC Kate White's mystery series"featuring crime-fighting magazine writer Bailey Weggins have been optioned by Lifetime to become a possible television series." Yep. [WWD]
  • The people who brought you KaZaA and Skype want to give you a new way to watch Ugly Betty on your PC. [WSJ]
  • Live mic incidents across the pond are just as entertaining as the ones we have here. [Telegraph]
  • After last year's Colbert kerffuffle, the White House Correspondents Association has decided to play it safe, by hiring a host who does a mean Dwight Eisenhower impression. [SF Examiner]