As audience members were still dabbing their tear ducts with linen napkins in response to America Ferrera's moving acceptance speech for her Best Actress In A Television Series - Musical or Comedy win for Ugly Betty, off-camera goons clearly directed the overcome young actress Maria Menounos's way for her mandated, "You just won a Golden Globe! How does that make you feel?" moment of backstage awkwardness. Ferrara stood helplessly as Menounos parroted the prattle fed into the earpiece skillfully hidden beneath her flat-ironed hair, then bravely attempted an escape before tear-gas and tazer-equipped NBC gold coats helpfully ushered her back in front of the camera so she could answer such pressing, big-moment-deflating questions as, "What do you say to all those people out there who did not want you to play Ugly Betty?" before fearfully rejecting her interrogator's insistent demands that she use the compulsory screen time to provide a list of names she might have forgotten to thank in her acceptance speech.