Golden Globes Party Round-Up: Jeremy Piven's Double-Date Juggling Act

· Jeremy Piven (for some reason, E! Online's Kristin Veitch refers to him as "Mr. Ari Fleiss," but we're pretty sure she means Ari Gold, and not some Hollywood agent/madame hybrid) ditched his date at the after parties for someone younger, hotter, and who didn't give birth to him: Melrose Bickerstaff, better known as the runner-up on the latest season of America's Next Top Model. They were "flirting, smooching and displaying all sorts of couple-like behavior." His Entourage spouse Perrey Reeves, meanwhile, consoled Bubbe Piven, who tearfully questioned why he couldn't "just find a nice girl without a ridiculous-sounding shiksa name." [E! Online]
· The Weinsteins' party was packed despite having only Bobby in contention. After some face time at the Fox party, Rupert Murdoch popped by, then cozied up to Harvey, who suggested a trip to the Bahamas, conjuring unsettling images of the two in bathing suits. [Slate]
· Moët & Chandon set up a booth at the end of red carpet arrivals, where they provided guests with mini bottles of champagne outfitted with complicated flute/straw mechanisms. A baffled Leonardo DiCaprio was later heard yelping in pain when he mistook the libation for a carbonated eye wash. [The Envelope]

· The packed InStyle/Warner Bros. bash had waits of up to an hour-and-a-half for second-tier guests like Grey's Anatomy's Sara Ramirez and the cast of Heroes, but "Paris Hilton, Ivanka Trump and her brother Donald Trump Jr. were lucky enough to be ushered through the pulsing line," just one of the perks of being a reality TV heirtard. [AP]
· At the HBO party, "a woman with apparent breakdancing aspirations wound up with her skirt over her head and flashbulbs popping; moments later, another gentleman fell headfirst down 10 stairs and loudly knocked over two metal sculptures — breaking one in half." We're just happy to hear Annette and Warren were having a good time. []
· Enjoy this exhaustive slideshow of party attendees, where you can get a better look at the diamond-encrusted sand crab that wandered into Hilary Swank's hair, which you could have sworn started talking to you after that 7th vodka tonic. []
· So you can recreate the experience of consuming the same appetizers and cocktails that famous people pounded, here's the recipes for the Coconut Fried Shrimp served at the InStyle/ Warner Bros. party and the La Poire Golden-Green Martini served at the eco-friendly E! party. Bon appetit! [NY Daily News]