Not that you'd know it by reading the first column, on why black people like menthol cigarettes. Still, we found it somewhat entertaining, if only for its attempts at funny racism:

Welcome to the first ever installment of The Ethnicist. Once a month we'll answer the impolitic questions you've been wondering about but have been too busy with important projects and inter-office hookups—okay, felt too totally embarrassed—to ask. Questions like: Why do certain black guys like big butts and why can't they lie about it? Are Jews truly good with money? Do Koreans really eat dogs? (And if so, who brings them their slippers and newspapers?)

First up, a question that has become like a modern-day koan—often asked but never actually answered: Why do so many black people smoke menthols? In an effort to track down the answer, we checked in with all black people—it was exhausting—and it turns out, actually, that not all of them smoke menthols or even cigarettes. Some of them just smoke blunts. Kidding!

Har ... har?

UPDATE: An astute reader alerts us to an interesting aspect of the illustration accompanying the piece. After the jump!
The Ethnicist [Radar]

We assume they were going for either the Rastafarian flag (red, gold, green), or perhaps the Pan-Africa flag (red, black, green), on that box of "Unkools." Instead, they seem to have ended up with the German flag. Interesting choice, that.