Press digs into cover star's seedy past The seedy past of Second Life's business showcase, Anshe Chung Studios , has finally hit a mainstream press that once hyped up Linden Lab's virtual world. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Anshe Chung, a 30-person studio in China run by Ailin and Guntram Graef, got its start as a "virtual masseuse" in the 3D environment . This would be laughable were it not for the fact that investors such as Benchmark Capital and Jeff Bezos have invested about $20m in Linden Lab in the belief that the company could make money out of the virtual economy it enabled; Anshe Chung Studios is the prime example of a business made possible by Second Life, their signature avatar making it to the front cover of BusinessWeek magazine; and blue-chip companies such as IBM and Sears, largely unaware of the sex chat that underpins the virtual world, have rushed to allocate marketing budgets to the creation of digital islands; and Second Life, if it fails, may well provide the iconic story of the second online bust.