Defamer's Next Top T-Shirt Slogan: Votes And Submissions Still Welcome

Good news! Our first attempt at inducing you to submit and/or vote on slogans that will at some future date be slapped on the front of a Defamer-themed t-shirt available for purchase in the Gawker Shop was such a success that we're going to ask you to return to the submitting/voting fray once again. After the jump, you can view all the slogans currently in play, or offer new ones (remember, you can only donate your creative powers once per half hour) for evaluation by a jury of your peers, who undoubtedly find their own exhaustion-themed contribution far more worthy than the cocaine-inspired creation you dreamed up while blowing a rail in the LAX (club or airport, we don't judge) bathroom last night. Get ready to prop yourself up with a satisfying "I'd Buy!" click, then fight back against their obviously ego-driven blindness with a highly prejudicial "No Way" vote-down by following the pretty "Continued" graphic below.

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