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So yeah, it's pretty "Congressional representatives: They're Just Like Us!" over at the Times today: not only did we find out what happens when state reps stopped being polite and started getting rodent-infested, we also got a peek into the closet of the fashion plate who's shaking up Capitol Hill: new speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Thursgay admires her "easy fashion savvy," but chides her for having a wardrobe that's "overreliant on suits." (Eyeroll.) The article also quotes Republican Congresswoman Mary Bono, who's a big fan of Nancy's style, if not . . . well, anything else about her:

I am so sick of the matronly box — the rest of America doesn't dress like that," said Ms. Bono, 45, who, with her Palm Springs address, affection for the martial arts and her marriage to the late Sonny Bono, is decidedly un-Washingtonian. "We all want to be taken seriously and you certainly don't want to be too sexy," added Ms. Bono, a California Republican, "but you have to maintain your femininity. Pelosi is a beautiful dresser. I'm hoping she has great impact — fashion-speaking, not politically speaking."

Personally, we hope for the opposite: Pelosi's politics are great, but there's an Extreme Makeover After thing going on there that makes us sort of uncomfortable.

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