Post gossip dowager Cindy Adams doesn't just pass along stories about which 90-year-old celebrity gave Bob Hope an under-the-table hummer at The Brown Derby in 1958, she also does some real reporting. For instance:

THE John Maybury film we'll get next year, "The Best Time of Our Lives," stars Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley. It's about Wales' most famous poet, Dylan Thomas, and his wife who'd earlier been in show business, Caitlin MacNamara. Dylan Thomas' entire life was a drunken haze. Years ago I visited Greenwich Village's White Horse Tavern where, after downing 79 straight whiskey shots, he died in '53.

Simply amazing. We can't wait for the column twenty years from now where Cindy reminisces about the time she walked by the Chelsea Hotel, where England's famous punk singer Sid Vicious killed his girlfriend.


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