Letter from the Ex-Managing Editor: I Just Beat People Up

So here we go again. As you may have heard, I'll be vacating this particular establishment to work on [redacted]. In the past six months and change, I've had the pleasure of laboring alongside an impressive crew of talented Gawkerites, old and new. Staff turnover and a site redesign slowed us down at times, but all such obstacles were overcome via absurdly hard work and saintly patience from the site team. We've vastly expanded Gawker's content, creating a host of new features that are universally beloved by all readers. I was lucky enough to oversee the introduction of several great columns and columnists who are thoroughly ensconced here, and I hope that tradition continues. The commenter population has expanded dramatically and vocally, despite our occasional efforts at population control. And traffic has increased to steady daily highs, such that this January should sport Gawker's best numbers in its history — all without the gift of another Gawker Stalker map, celebrity baby, or other traffic spike. Numbers aren't nearly as fun as people, though.

I'd like to personally thank Jessica Coen for helping selflessly with a hectic transition, Alex Balk for persevering while turning in yeoman work, and new editors Emily Gould and Doree Shafrir for bringing their formidable skills into the mix. Nikola Tamindzic continues to produce the pretty pictures, and Richard Blakeley inaugurated our first original videos. Intern Heather transformed into Editorial Assistant Heather, making all of our lives much, much easier. All our other interns do great things with amazingly little prompting (or compensation). Pretty much everything good that happens on Gawker is the result of a collaborative effort among these fine folks.

The Gawker Media tech staff rolled out numerous wizardly tech changes that gave us all kinds of new toys, and those on the business side kept us rolling in big ads and goodie bags. As for the head honchos, thanks to Lockhart Steele and Nick Denton for letting me steer the ship. And sincere thanks to the readers who let me know in no uncertain terms when they really, really liked something we tried, or rarely, when they kinda didn't like it quite as much. All of this, we do for you, and you alone.


Next on deck will be Choire Sicha, most recently of Observer fame and one of Gawker's original gangstas, editorially speaking. Give him the warm welcome he deserves, and I'm sure I'll see you around.


Chris Mohney