We have to admit, we've often found ourselves guilty of harboring less than charitable feelings towards the group of bums who loiter drunkenly on the corner of our block all day and night, occasionally interrupting their nonstop revelry to have teary fights, vom, and whip out their mottled, chicken sausage-ish wieners and pee. But it's never crossed our mind to litigate. Then again, we don't own a Madison Avenue antiques boutique. And also, we're not the world's biggest asshole. Not so Karl Kemp, who is suing the four unfortunates who huddle outside his pricey shop for one million dollars (in quarters, one assumes). Kemp isn't just motivated by pure avarice, though: he actually has the greater good in mind.

You make a wonderful effort to have an attractive window, people come out from the building next door, they don't see him and they trip over him," [Kemp] said. "It happened twice last August. One lady hurt herself."

Seriously, did you know that 'tripping over a panhandler' is the leading cause of UES rich lady hip fractures?

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