Gossip Roundup: Lindsay Lohan Is Wearing Her 'Sober' Panties

  • Did Lindsay really get her appendix out, or was she just extra extra extra "exhausted"? Also, where can we buy a pair of the panties you mention, Liz ? [Liz Smith]
  • Foxy Brown: too angry for anger management. [NYP]
  • Dina Lohan to Star: "[Lindsay's] fine — she's amazingly fine!" [Star]
  • Britney isn't pregs, says her manager, adding that "no one is happier than Britney that Lindsay Lohan has checked herself into rehab." Okay, not really. [UsWeekly]
  • Madame Tussaud + Ryan Seacrest = the reason the Bible comes down so hard on graven images. [Defamer]
  • Hugh Hefner wishes to test the potency of his wizened sperms. [R&M]