Remember when you picked up your first issue of Vice back in, like, 1999, and you were all, "OMG, this magazine is like, sooo cool! Do's and Don'ts! It's like Glamour but more hilarious!" It was like they were the kids in high school who knew the code word to buy coke and you were stuck smoking pot in your basement with your loser drama nerd friends. Or, you know, something like that. Then you grew a little older, and a little wiser, and you realized that now you knew the code words too, and Vice was still doing the same old shit, and it was a little less funny and a little more lame. But when we heard that they were having a party at notorious LES coke den 205, we decided to send Associate Editor Doree Shafrir and Photog Kate to see if anyone still cared. After the jump, their impressions and, of course, the photo gallery.

So this was supposed to be the "Girls" issue, and indeed, the issue itself is filled with girls—girls telling you how to sell your stinky underwear to perverts on the Internet, girls making out with each other, weird loner girls attempting to be "normal," girls dressed like leprechauns ... Pretty par for the course, it would seem. But the party was filled with a whole bunch of dudes. Bearded dudes. Jewfro'd dudes. Plaid-wearing dudes. The "cute guy sandwich" dudes of Jane Virgin Sarah fame (seen above with comely Editorial Assistant Heather).

Those quibbles aside, once again, I felt like I was on the Blue States Lose beat—it was like they'd run a shuttle bus from the Bedford L stop straight to the corner of Stanton and Chrystie. There are fun games you can play with these people. For example, it's fun to count the number of girls wearing hats that look like they came off the set of the video for Puttin' on the Ritz. It's also fun to pull on people's beards to see if they're real. Overall, though, the whole evening left us feeling kind of nostalgic. It reminded us of that scene in Breaking Away when Dennis Quaid's character is all bummed out about his life: "These college kids out here, they're never gonna get old. Or out of shape. Cuz new ones come along every year."

Vice Magazine "Girls" Party [Photos]