Today's Sun article about a rivalry between long-lauded UWS boob mecca Town Shop and upstart Bra Smyth fascinated us for all of twelve seconds until we realized that there would be no photos of Town Shop's famous hands-on bra-fitting procedure. We were also surprised — well, okay, fake-surprised — that the Sun implied that the Upper West Side is our city's only tit district:

Maybe bra shops will cluster on the Upper West Side — a store in the neighborhood specializing in nursing supplies calls itself the Upper Breast Side — the same way that, say, lighting stores cluster along the Bowery and theaters are on Broadway near Times Square.

We've had our mounds cupped by Town Shop's experts, but for our money, the best bra fitting takes place at Orchard Corset Center, which is one of the many cheaper, more authentic old-school lingerie stores on the LES. We highly recommend it to anyone who's interested in living out that long-cherished 'being fondled by an Orthodox Jew' fantasy, and who also doesn't want to pay $70 for something that, let's be honest, dudes only want to take off anyway.

Competition Erupts in Battle of Bra Stores [NYSun]