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· The Art Directors Guild chose fifteen nominees in three categories—period, fantasy, and contemporary—with awards to be presented Feb. 17 at the Beverly Hilton. With Children of Men, Pan's Labyrinth, Pirates of the Caribbean, Superman Returns, and V for Vendetta in direct competition, the fantasy ballot alone is likely to send fanboys into a locked, upstairs bathroom to "examine" it more closely. [Variety]
· The Cinema Audio Society awards none other than longtime Oscars producer Gil Cates with their Filmmaker Award. (He's a filmmaker?) Congratulations, Gil, for demonstrating excellence under your many hats of "director and producer in feature films, television and theater." And don't forget blogger! [THR]
· Borat's Ken "Rancid Bubble" Davitian recently took some time to appreciate his good fortune as he made his way through a Golden Globes gifting suite: "I'm a short, fat and bald guy living the good life after an overnight success that took 30 years." [LA Daily News]
· Unless you're a meth addict, morning show anchor, or triathlete in training, you'll probably have to set your alarms in order to be up in time to watch the Oscar nominations announced live, Tuesday morning at 5:30 am. [The Envelope]
· And the "For Your Considerationy" for Most Adorable Tiny Internet Ad goes to... [Universal Pictures Awards]