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· Al Pacino will play flamboyant artist Salvador Dali in Dali & I: The Surreal Story, a project which should provide the actor with an exciting opportunity to dramatically wave around a paintbrush while shouting, "Melting clocks! Hoo-ah!" [Variety]
· Robert Redford "came out swinging" at Sundance's opening press conference, taking shots at the Bush administration and decrying those who would use his swag-suite-riddled festival as a film buyer's market instead of a pure time for appreciating independent moviemaking, then jetted off to shoot his Tom Cruise movie. [THR]
· United 93's Paul Greengrass will write and direct movie about life in the aftermath of the Iraq invasion for Working Title and Universal, right after he finishes up the latest Bourne flick for Uni. [Variety]
· ABC and CBS score big ratings numbers on Thursday with Grey's Anatomy and CSI, Smallville, while Fox gets a reminder about the disaster that is their non-Idol schedule, landing right back in the Nielsen toilet on a night without Simon Cowell. [THR]
· Var's Peter Bart takes the temperature of Hollywood's pol-fuckers, looking at the state of Obamamania, Hillarymania, Edwardsmania, and Goremania. [Variety]