A warning to niche blogs A warning to niche blogs The wizardry of contextual advertising and blog publishing platforms will allow internet publications to flourish in a thousand niches. Well, that was the theory. The practice? AOL is closing down a slew of smaller blogs it bought from entrepreneur-provocateur and Valleywag staple, Jason Calacanis , in 2005. The bulk of AOL's ad revenues from its blog network, running at more than $1m a month according to Calacanis, come from a few star brands such as Engadget, Autoblog and Joystiq. They're in traditional broad categories: consumer electronics, autos and video games. The Time Warner internet unit has told editors of smaller and unprofitable sites that they will be shuttered at the end of the month. So far, we're hearing lesser-known titles such as BBHub, Divester, DV Guru and PVR Wire; do let us know about others, so we can establish a count. Grounds: budget cutbacks. The new publishing? Much like the old.NICK DENTON — Disclosure: each of those AOL's top three blog titles competes, bloodily, with Gawker Media properties. I've feuded often with Jason Calacanis: ridiculing his early plans for a network of trade blogs; losing Pete Rojas, the first editor of Gizmodo, to WIN's Engadget site; and setting up rival auto and video games sites largely because Calacanis did first. I also have an aesthetic aversion to those blog networks which measure success in the quantity of titles rather than the quality of the writing.