It was reported today that a new magazine from Bauer, which publishes the ever-classy Life&Style and InTouch, will debut this fall. The mag will be titled Cocktail Weekly, though it won't have anything to do with booze, instead covering "a mix of celebrity news, relationship advice, health coverage and fashion and beauty spreads." Why Cocktail? The easy answer, we guess, is "because Cosmo was taken," but on further reflection (and a bit of perusal of Elizabeth Spiers's blog), we realized that naming a servicey blog or publication for the ladies isn't so easy. Spiers settled on for the blog that will join her Dealbreaker empire on Wednesday, after realizing that the domain was too damn pricey (not to mention too damn much of a grossout for readers who can't get past the rexiness to the supposed tongue in cheekiness there, but we digress.) Anyway, it turns out that naming a lady mag is harder than we thought. But still, they ought to be able to come up with something better than these cheesy choices. Please, leave your suggestions in the comments.

Bauer To Bow Cocktail Weekly [AdAge]
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