Remember that clip of Geek Factory P.R. dude Peter Shankman getting tased? Of course you do. We all had a good laugh at that one. You'll probably want to watch it again after reading the following non-pitch pitch Peter has sent around with an offer of his services. Peter (a marathon runner, triathlete, amateur boxer, and licensed skydiver) knows A LOT of people - more than you would ever think possible, apparently - and he wants to provide his vast knowledge to the hard-working journalist in search of a quote. That's right, if you "source" Peter he will be more than happy to provide you with his expertise in any area at any time, night or day (he doesn't sleep a lot). After the jump, the appeal in full. Our question put publicly to Peter (although if he answers, we'll be happy to source him): Who would win in a fight, you or Ronn [sic] Torossian? Before you answer, remember: Ronn [sic] was trained by the Shin Bet.

Update: Peter Shankman responds: "I don't know who would win in a fight - me or Ronn. But I'll race him around the Central Park loop anytime he wants." Up for it, Ronn [sic]?

——-Original Message——-
To: Sent: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 10:24 AM
Subject: Not a pitch. My yearly attempt at Good PR Karma.

Dear XXX,

Consider this an attempt at good karma for a brutally cold Monday morning in New York City. And happily for you, THIS IS NOT A PITCH. So don't delete it right away. It's actually designed to help you.

In a nutshell, I'm inviting you to source my brain. Add me to your email list when you're desperately seeking a quote at 11 minutes to deadline. Call me when something major breaks and you need a comment from an expert. Put me in your rolodex, and feel free to dial. Here's why:

I know a LOT of people. Like, more than you would ever think possible.

I run a PR shop in New York City, as well as a few other companies, and about four years ago, it occurred to me that knowing as many people as I do has GOT to be helpful to the media, right? So I send out this email once a year.

Between the amount of time I travel for business (in excess of 275k miles a year,) the number of boards/advisory boards on which I sit, the amount of clients I have, and the fact that I'm just a talkative but nice, total ADHD 34-year-old entrepreneur, I have a Blackberry bursting at the seams. Add to this my hobbies, (marathon runner, triathlete, amateur boxer, and licensed skydiver) and I float between the most random of worlds, meeting the most random of people.

This isn't about my clients, by the way. In fact, they're the smallest category. Mostly it's people I've become friends/colleagues with in some capacity, who do the most random things. Loss prevention investigators. Adult-entertainment stars who also buy/fix/flip real estate in South America. The guy who manufactures the laces that go in 75% of the world's sneakers. The guy who just beat the rap for trying to BASE jump the Empire State Building. Knitters who only knit with Soy, Bamboo, or Hemp yarn. The Director of Arts Education for the NYC Department of Education - A child psychologist who only works with high risk, suicidal kids A guy with over 5,000 skydives under his belt. A former Navy SEAL who now teaches mortals like me how to stay in shape. The guy who designs solar clothing, that lights up with messages on the back All friends, people I've met on airplanes, or through the randomness that is my life.

I also have some great clients - OpSec Security (the largest anti-counterfeiting company in the world), AirTroductions (a company I started that lets you choose your seat-mate before you get on the airplane - a date in the sky), MomJunction (where moms meet, talk, and get advice on that ball of energy running amok in their home), Helium Report (Consumer Reports for the uber-rich - reviewing private jets and destination clubs instead of chairs and laptops), and a bunch of others. In addition, I throw a good number of events and parties during the year, and am constantly looking for members of the media who would enjoy attending. If that's you, let me know, as well.

Basically, I don't sleep much. (I've been tested for it. My "getting into and getting out of" REM cycles are about 45 to 90 seconds apiece , as opposed to 30 minutes apiece for the normal world.)

Anyhow - source me. That's my offer for this morning. My contact information is below. Add me to whatever rolodex you're currently using, and if I can help in any way, feel free to call.

All the best,

Peter Shankman
The Geek Factory, Inc.

PS: Don't worry - this isn't a list from which you need to be removed. I won't start sending out weekly updates or anything, I promise. And to answer the second most frequently asked question, I got your name from Media Map, the PR/Journalist tool.

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