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Members of the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation have set for themselves one of the most difficult tasks imaginable: Every year, they sift through piles of detritus in an attempt at narrowing an overly crowded field down to a few outstanding instances of big-screen turkeydom. They then bestow among the most deserving of these cinematic poo-gems show business's most uncoveted honor, the Razzie. Leading the nominations this year with seven nominations is Sharon Stone's universally panned return to the icepicks-and-exposed-beaver terrain that first put her on the map, Basic Instinct 2. Tied for most noms, including Worst Picture and Worst Remake/Rip-Off, was the Wayans brothers' Little Man:

Shawn and Marlon Wayans shared a worst-actor nomination, while sisters Hilary and Haylie Duff shared a worst-actress nomination for "Material Girls."

The other worst-picture nominees were the fantasies "BloodRayne" and "Lady in the Water" and the thriller "The Wicker Man."

Joining Stone and the Duffs in the worst-actress category were Lindsay Lohan for "Just My Luck," Kristanna Loken for "BloodRayne" and Jessica Simpson for "Employee of the Month."

"Basic Instinct 2" also had a nomination for worst screen couple for Stone's "lopsided breasts."

While Stone is anticipated to be the night's big winner, neither she nor her asymmetrical rack are expected to be big enough sports to show up to collect their awards, à la Halle Berry. The race is still very much a wide-open field, however, and we wouldn't be surprised if a Razzie night upset were to give Wicker Man—a clip reel of which making its way around the internets has managed to thrill a whole new generation of bad cinema aficionados with its nightmarish vision of Nick Cage in a bear suit punching chicks out—were to steal the top honors of Worst Picture and Worst Screen Couple for Cage and his ursine disguise.