They've had to deal with impending Atlantic Yards construction and dog shit everywhere. Now Prospect Heights residents have yet another issue to deal with: penis.

From the Daily Heights message boards:

the madness at 14-20 butler has got to stop! ever since they renovated the buildings, all of the families who used to live there have moved and out they've been replaced by young, post-college types who have parties on the roof til 5 am, have ridiculous photoshoots and interpretive dance rehearsals up there, and now - the attack of the penis!

The details of the attack after the jump.

i live on the top floor of my building on st. john's, and the buildings my apt faces are lower - only 4 floors. we have curtains, but don't freak out about it unless someone's on the roof or something. but the new people in the top floor apartment on butler across from my apartment? they couldn't care less who can see them. right now, as i type, dude is laying naked on top of the covers on a bed right next to the window, with his junk all flappin' in the breeze. i can't even imagine the view my downstairs neighbors have, as they're RIGHT ACROSS from him. i had gotten used to seeing the girl who lives there lounging in her underwear on her laptop, but this full-frontal shit has got to stop.

Alright, Dude, I Can See Your Penis [Daily Heights]

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