Dealbreaker posts the following "blind" item query:

Which former head of Global Wealth Management at a major New York bank is leaving his wife and two kids for a talking head on a major financial news network?

Admitting up front that we know nothing about finance save that Joey Ramone once wrote a song about Maria Bartiromo, we're gonna say, uh, whoever this dude that they mentioned in the Post this morning is:

FINANCIAL giant Citigroup was strangely mum last night on why Todd Thomson, its 45-year-old fair-haired head of wealth management, left the firm suddenly in a management shakeup yesterday. Sources close to the Wall Street giant say Thomson got on the bad side of CEO Chuck Prince by shuttling personal friends - including CNBC's anchor and "Money Honey" Maria Bartiromo - around the world on the company's corporate jet.

Just a hunch.

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