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  • Remeber The Politico, that Allbritton politics website thing that hired away pretty much every decent political print reporter? It's live. [The Politico]
  • There were approximately six bids for the Time 4 Media properties yesterday. [NYP]
  • Post state editor Fred U. Dicker, the grumpiest man in Albany, picked up some extra cash by delivering a speech to a lobbying group. We're sure Fred will denounce this with the same vigor that he brings to covering government corruption. Also, Fred U. Dicker is kind of a funny name. Say it out loud, with a pause after the "Fred." See? [Albany Times-Union, second item]
  • Apparently, we can buy and sell the Observer's Tom Scocca. We're rich! Rich, he tells ya! [WWD]
  • More subpoenas for Times reporters; these involve the Pellicano case. [NYT]
  • Anderson Cooper thinks he's all better than Fox News because he uses "facts" and stuff. [TVNewser]
  • Times shakes up its Hollywood staff. [DHD]
  • David Carr: Albert II. [Copyranter]